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August Strindbergs Samlade Verk (Strindberg's Collected Works)
Homepage for the publication of Strindberg’s Collected Works with information about planned publications, dates, etc. Also has links to Litteraturbanken (the Text Archive) and Språk-banken (the Word Archive), etc  (in Swedish).
Litteraturbanken (the Text Archive)
Collected Works as e-texts with annotations to Collected Works (pdf) (in Swedish).

Korp (the Word Archive)  
Search for words or phrases in Strindberg’s Letters and Collected Works (in Swedish).

August Strindbergs Samlade Skrifter (Strindberg's Collected Writings)
John Landquist’s 1912-1921 edition of Strindberg’s Collected Writings. Scanned by Project Runeberg (in Swedish).

Titlar i Samlade Verk (Table of Contents for Collected Works)  
 Listing of the titles in the Collected Works
(1981-), with dust jacket text for the published volumes (in Swedish).

Projekt Gutenberg (Project Gutenberg)
Strindberg e-texts in English, German, etc.

The Internet Archive
Books, audiobooks, articles and essays in English, Swedish, German, etc.
The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, the print disabled, and the general public.
Dramawebben - fri svensk dramatik
A complete collection of Strindberg's plays, introduced and available
as full text in facsimile and in Word (free download) - in Swedish


Nationella Dramaturgiatet (National Dramaturgiate)
Database to inventory and provide downloads
of free Swedish Drama (in Swedish).


Drama Direkt (Direct Drama)
Database providing downloads of Swedish Drama (in Swedish).



LibriVox: free audiobooks 
A website with free public domain audiobooks,recorded by volunteers



Stockholm University Strindberg Corpus (SUSC) 
The Stockholm University Strindberg Corpus (SUSC) consists of seven novels by August Strindberg annotated for parts-of-speech with morphological analysis and lemmas. The corpus is freely available SUSC consists of approximately 400 000 tokens annotated for parts-of-speech, including morphological analysis and lemmas, using the Stockholm-Umeå Corpus tag set in PAROLE-format. The annotated texts have been converted to XML which makes the corpus searchable with corpus analysis tools such as Xaira. This allows for e.g., searching for concordances with a specific wordform, part-of-speech and/or lemma, for pattern matching, and collocation extraction

SR, P1 (Radio Sweden)
Radio drama
(Radioteatern), in Swedish

Radio Sweden's archive with all of their recordings of Strindberg's plays, as well as programs and plays about him, all in Swedish.

Strindbergs dramer  (Strindberg's plays) lists all of all his plays. Recorded as well as not recorded.
Strindbergspjäser för lyssning (Strindberg's dramas for listening) collects all of the recordings that are free, i.e. more than fifty years old. (In 2013 recordings until 1962.)

Dramatiseringar, eller gestaltningar av prosaverken.  (Dramatizations or representations of his prose works.)

Pjäser om Strindberg.  (Plays about Strindberg.) About Strindberg's wifes, life and plays by Bibbi Andersson, P.O. Enquist, etc.

Ett urval program och röster om August Strindberg   (A selection of the many programs about and testimonies of Strindberg)

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