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 An International Annotated Bibliography of
 Strindberg Studies 1870-2005 By Michael Robinson
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Kungliga biblioteket (The Royal Library) > Collections:
Photographies (33 celestographs and 75 portraits) of August Strindberg at flickr.
A major part av the Strindberg-collection at Nordiska museet (The Nordic Museum) is availeble on DigitalMuseum.
 Tate Gallery Tate Gallery Website accompanying the August Strindberg exhibition held at Tate Gallery 17.2-15.5 2005.
 Musée d’Orsay, Paris
 Musée d’Orsays samling om två Strindbergsmålningar.
 August Strindberg Reportary Theatre, Inc
 The August Strindberg Repertory Theatre was 
 founded  in honor of Sweden's great playwright and is committed to production of his best, and less often performed, plays in new translations and  interpretations that illuminate the plays for today's  American audience. It is the resident company at the Gene Frankel Theatre.
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Tassla – The August Strindberg Society of
 Los  Angeles.
The August Strindberg Society of Los  Angeles, (TASSLA),in existence since 1986, is dedicated to presenting the works and teachings ofthe great  Swedish dramatist   August Strindberg.
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Film versions of Strindberg's works (IMDB)
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